Aussie Slang Dictionary

Learn and understand Australian slang. Complete A to Z of funny words and phrases unique to Australia.

Australia's own vernacular expression and communication lingo. Word diction, idioms and everyday vocalization unique to the sunburnt country.

The Australian slang tongue got its history from many nations. Articulation and pronunciation of this conversational language as well as aussie phraseology and gibberish has made this brogue and fun speech sole vernacular to Australia.

This slanguage street talk has involved into a dialect and vocabulary all of its own. Expressive terminology and wording has brought about an interchange of interest from people visiting Australia. It is almost pidgin like in its context, and is a rare vernacular indeed.

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Australian Vegemite

Much verbalization and discourse of aussie sayings has taken place over the years in pubs. You could say it is doublespeak in nature, and spoken in a foreign tongue.

The prose uttered by Australians makes it a rare colloquialism. Many a discussion has come about after listening to citizens of Australia who sound like they are speaking in unusual shoptalk.

It certainly is the voice and expression most used by aussie patriots. But be warned, Australian slang does contain various vulgarity and vulgarism, and may take time to grasp and get used of hearing. Generally speaking though, this colonial jargon is fun to hear in day-to-day conversation once you get the hang of it.

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When spoken in proper context, these light hearted phrases can prevent quarrelling and quash a disagreement. Check out the Australian slang dictionary and become versed in this doublespeak language from the land down under. Learn how to pronounce and express yourself voicing slang.

Discover the meaning of words written in a sentence. It is an apprenticeship in teaching more than traditional book learning. Tutelage through reading, argot instruction, and ardent study of this lexicon, can inspire and teach you the right voice accent of the Australian language.

Understanding Through Research

Australian Loo
Loo (i.e. Toilet)

Training and understanding by way of online schooling does require concentration and discipline. This is especially so you may fully understand aussie talk, and the phraseology of the Australian dialect.

Careful enunciation of the language through everyday communication and conversation provides guidance and correct expression of this unusual terminology that is frequently spoken throughout the country. Thank you for viewing this site. We hope you memorize, master, and enjoy the aussie slang style of communicating.