B & S : Bachelors' and Spinsters' Ball - a large gathering usually held in rural or outback areas
Backdoor bandit : A derogatory phrase for a homosexual man
Back of Bourke : a very long way away (remote Australian outback)
Bad egg : A trickster, con man; a person of dishonest character
Bad trot : A person who has had a succession of failures
Bag of fruit : Suit (rhyming slang)
Bag of worms : Distasteful, repulsive E.g. "I don't want to hear it your mind works like a bag of worms"
Bail (somebody) up : to corner someone physically
Bail out : depart, usually very angrily
Baked dinner : A favourite Australian meal, baked lamb and vegetables
Bald as a bandicoot : A person with no hair at all
Ball and chain : Wife (also referred to as trouble and strife)
Balls up : A real mess up; a real mix up; bad state of affairs
Banana bender : a person from Queensland
Bananaland : Queensland
Banjo : Frying pan, cooking utensil
Banger : A sausage. Pronounced "bang-a" E.g. "Dija' wunna put a few bangas on the barbie?"
Bangs like a dunny door : A promiscuous female
Barbie or Barby : barbecue (noun)
Barrack : to cheer on your favourite football team eg. aussie rules or rugby league
Bash : A wild loud party
Bash somebody's ear : To talk at great length at someone
Bastard : In most cases a term of endearment
Bathers : swimming costume
Battler : someone working hard on a low income and just making a living
Bazzaland : Australia
Beaut, beauty : great, terrific, fantastic
Beat the living daylights out of : Administering a terrible thrashing
Beer gut : A man's bulging stomach mostly because of heavy beer drinking
Bid red : A large male kangaroo
Been around : One who is considered sexually experienced
Big-note oneself : brag about oneself, boast a lot about oneself
Bikkie : biscuit (also "it cost me big bikkies" - it was really expensive)
Billabong : an ox-bow river or watering hole
Billy : A billy is a very specific cylindrical pot, that is suspended over an open camp fire, that you then throw tea leaves into it, and brew over the fire
Billy cart : A child's small play cart usually made from an old wooden fruit box using wheels from a discarded baby stroller
Billy lid : a kid, or child. Rhyming slang!
Bingle : motor vehicle accident
Bities : biting annoying insects
Bitzer : mongrel dog (heinz variety; bits of this and bits of that)
Bizzo : business ("mind your own bizzo")
Black fella' : An impolite idiom for an Australian Aborigine
Black Stump, beyond the : a long way away, the back of nowhere usually refers to the outback
Bloke : male, man, bloke, guy
Bloody : very (bloody hard yakka)
Bloody hell! : Displeased with; unhappy about someone or something. Not considered a swear word. E.g. "Bloody hell! the damn taps leaking again"
Bloody oath! : absolutely true
Blow in the bag : police breathalyser test
Blowie : a large blow fly
Bludger : a type of lazy person, layabout, someone who always relies on other people to do things or lend him or her things. See also "Sponger"
Blue : argument, fight ("he was having a blue with his missus"). A physical fight between 2 males. Not usually used in a male and female sense, unless either party was being physically violent.
Blue, make a : make a mistake, a wrong
Blue-Bottles : small lucid jelly like sea creatures
Bluey : pack, opposite of, traffic ticket, redhead.
Bluey : blue heeler Australian sheep/cattle dog. (named after its subtle markings) which is a hard working dog. It is also called a Bluey, as a fair amout of the animals genes are from Kelpie and Dingo which gives the dogs a reddish colour, and therefore called Bluey. Everybody's favourite all-round Aussie dog.
Bluey : heavy wool or felt jacket worn by mining and construction workers.
Bluey : bluebottle jellyfish
Bodgie : of low-grade; considered of inferior quality
Bog in : start eating, to attack food with a great enthusiasm
Bog standard : basic, cheap, inferior, without accessories (a bog standard car, phone etc.)
Bogan : person with low esteem, doesn't take pride in his or her appearance, spends most of his or her days slacking and drinking alcohol
Bogged : Stuck fast in mud, deep sand (a vehicle).
Bondi cigar : see "brown-eyed mullet"
Bonnet : The hood of a car or truck
Bonzer : great, terrific, ripper
Boogie board : a half-sized smaller surf board
Boomer : a big male kangaroo
Boss cockey : Head, manager; a person who is in charge
Booze bus : police vehicle used for catching drunk drivers
Boozer : a local pub, drinking hole
Bored shitless : very, very bored
Bottle shop : liquor shop
Bottle-o : liquor shop (originally a street man with a hessian bag going around picking up empty beer bottles back in the 1950's and 60's)
Bottler : something pleasing, excellent
Bottling, his blood's worth : he's an excellent, helpful mate.
Bounce : a bully type character
Bourke Street, he doesn't know Easter from : he's a bit slow in thinking. (Bourke Street is a popular and beautifully lit Melbourne city street)
Brass razoo, she hasn't got a : little or no money, very poor
Brekkie : morning breakfast
Brick shit house, built like a : a big strong bloke
Brickie : bricklayer
Brizzie : Brisbane, state capital of Queensland
Bronze Aussie : An Australian who has a good physique and health
Brown Bomber : Parking police
Brolley : Umbrella
Brown-eyed mullet : a turd in the ocean (where you're swimming!)
Brumby : a wild untamed horse
Buck's night : stag party, a male party the night before the wedding
Buckley's, Buckley's chance : no chance whatsoever
Budgie smugglers : male bathing costume
Bullamakanka : An imaginary place in the outback. See also "Woop Woop"
Bull ant : A large black ant approximately 25mm in length, and has a strong bite and sting. Enemy of the jumping bulljoe. See also "Jumping bulljoe"
Bull dust : (or a lot of bull dust) Means a lie
Bull dust : A fine orange coloured dust found in the outback. When it gets wet it makes travelling by motor vehicle extremely difficult. The dust turns into a type of clay which builds-up under your wheel arches to the point where your wheels can no longer rotate
Bull bar : solid bar fixed to the front-end of a vehicle to protect it against hitting kangaroos (also, commonly referred to as a "roo bar" or "nudge bar")
Bull Larkey : Wrong, misleading, incorrect; a strong statement E.g> "That's a whole lot of bull larkey!"
Bum Steer : To give someone wrong advice or wrong direction. To lead someone on with false or misleading information.
Bummer : A statement of mild annoyance, slight mishap. E.g. "What a bummer Monique missed her chess class!"
Bung : Broken; ruined. E.g. " Mum! the toaster is on the bung again."
Bunger : An illegal "large firecracker" which was almost the size of a stick of dynamite. Pronouced "Bunga"
Bung eye : An eye infection
Bundy : short for Bundaberg, Queensland, and the brand of rum that's made there
Bunyip : mythical outback creature
Bush : the hinterland, the Outback, anywhere that isn't in a city
Bushy : A person who spends a lot of their time in the bush
Bush bash : long competitive running or motorcar race through the bush
Bush baptist : A person who manifests little or no religious convictions
Bush carpenter : A rough and ready handyman or a self proclaimed carpenter
Bush oyster : nasal mucus
Bush telly : campfire
Bush walk : A trail or path in the bush
Bushwhacker : A person who prefers to live in the bush
Bushwalker : A person who enjoys hiking through bushland
Bushie : someone who lives in the outback of Australia
Bushman's hanky : Emitting nasal mucus by placing one index finger on the outside of the nose (thus blocking one nostril) and blowing really hard.
Bushranger : An intrepid Highwayman, has no respect for law, outlaw
Buster : A strong southerly wind. Usually creates havoc on boats and marine vessels
Butcher : small glass of beer in South Australia - From the theory that a butcher could take a quick break from his work, have a beer and be back at work
Butchers : Rhyming Slang, and is short for the saying, "Butchers Hook", have a look! So a man may have a bit of a "Butchers", at some pretty girl!
Butchers or, "Butcher Shop" : A local shop which sells meat
BYO : unlicensed restaurant where you have to Bring Your Own alcohol. The same goes for a picnic, party or barbecue

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