Sandshoes : tennis shoes, sneakers, runners
Salute, Aussie : brushing flies away from ones face
Salvos, the : the Salvation Army
Sandgroper : a person from Western Australia
Sanger : a sandwich
Sav : saveloy (see also "fair suck of the sav!")
Scab : an abusive term for a non union worker
Schooner : large beer glass in New South Wales and Queensland; medium beer glass in South Australia
Scorcher : a very hot day
Scrub : thick bush, bushland
Scrubbers : wild cattle; promiscuous women
Scumbag : a low down despicable person
Scunge : generally an untidy person
Scungy : unattractive and dirty
Search me : I'm not sure; I don't know
See ya later : farewell, goodbye
Scratchy : instant lottery ticket
Screamer : party lover; "two pot screamer" - somebody who gets drunk on very little alcohol
Seppo : an American
Servo : petrol station
Shag on a rock, stands out like a : very obvious
Shanghai : A young child's catapult. Usually made from a small, forked branch of a tree and rubber strap cut from an old car inner tube
She'll be right : everything is under control, it'll turn out okay
She's apples : Everything is great, okay, no worries
She's right mate : no probelms, its okay, don't worry
Shemozzle : An uproar, commotion or free-for-all
Sheila : a woman
Shifting : Moving a great speed. E.g. "Look at that bloke go, he's really shifting along!"
Shirty : Irritated, aggravated, annoyed
Shit hot : very impressive
Shit house (adj.) : of poor quality, unenjoyable ("this ute is shit house", "that show was shit house")
Shit house (noun) : toilet, water closet, lavatory
Shonky : dubious, suspect, underhanded, suspicious; doubtful; sceptical. E.g. a shonky business practice
Shoot through : to leave in a hurry
Shout : somebody's turn to buy a round of drinks for everyone else generally ("it's your shout")
Show pony : someone who tries hard, by his or her dress and/or behaviour, to impress everybody else around him or her.
Sickie : day off sick from work (chuck a sickie = take the day off sick from work when you're perfectly healthy!)
Skite : boast, brag
Skull/Skol (a beer) : to drink a beer in a single draught without taking a breath
Slab : a carton of 24 bottles or cans of beer
Sleepout : house verandah converted to a bedroom
Sling shot : A young boys catapult. See also "Shanghai"
Sloppy joe : A sweatshirt, top or pullover
Smoko : smoke or coffee break
Snag : a sausage
Sook : person or animal who is soft, tame, unobtrusive, inoffensive. Hence sooky (adj.)
SP Bookie : A daring capitalist (business person)
Spag bol : spaghetti bolognese
Spanner : A wrench
Spewin' : extremely angry
Spiffy, pretty spiffy : great, terrific, excellent
Spit the dummy : to get extremely upset at something
Spin a yarn :An exagerated story or tall tale
Sponger : 1. A person who mooches or lives off others. Pronounced: "Sponger" 2. A person with a strong dislike for work. See also "Bludger"
Spruiker : man who stands outside a nightclub or restaurant trying to persuade people to enter
Sprung : caught in the act of doing something wrong
Spunk : a good looking woman or man
Square off : To fix-up or rectify matters
Squatter : A person who unlawfully takes over the living rights to another person's property.
Squiz (noun) : look, take a peek at someone or something - "take a squiz at this"
Standover man : a big man, usually gang-related, who threatens somebody with physical violence in order to have his wishes carried out.
Station : a big farm, large ranch or grazing property
Stickybeak : take a quick look; mild interest; a nosy individual
Stinking hot : Extreme, unbearable temperature
Stoked : extremely pleased, very happy
Stone chips : Nicks in a car exterior paintwork
Stone the crows : Astonishment, bewilderment or surprise. See also "Strewth"
Stonkered : absolutely drunk
Strewn : Scattered, spread all over, stretched
Strewth : exclamation, mild oath ("Strewth, that cop came down hard on him")
Strides : mens trousers
Strine : Australian slang and pronunciation
Stubby : a 375ml. beer bottle
Stubby holder : polystyrene insulated holder for a stubby
Stuffed, I feel : I'm worn out, tired
Stuffed, I'll be : an expression of complete surprise
Sultana : A large raisin
Sunbake : suntan, sunbathe
Sunnies : sunglasses
Surfies : people who go surfing a lot
Suss : Something or somebody suspected
Swag : rolled up bedding carried by a swagman
Swaggie : swagman
Swagman : tramp, hobo
Sweets : desserts
Swimmers : Swim suit. See also "Cozzie or togs"
Sydney-sider : A resident of the city of Sydney, New South Wales

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